It's about engaging members across all points of contact.

Founded in 1995, Raoust+Partners has had more than 20 years of nationally recognized, award-winning success working exclusively with credit unions. We have worked with more than 45 credit unions across the U.S. We focus on improved processes, member experience, member retention, member acquisition and loan growth to optimize your marketing investment.

  • Raoust+Partners
  • Process Assessment
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Websites
  • Onboarding
  • Product Branding
  • Broadcast
  • Merchandising
  • Social Media
  • Investment Optimization

Our Special Sauce.

Your credit union’s success depends on your strategic plan and how effectively you follow it to meet your goals. You need a partner who knows the ropes and can scrutinize your processes from end to end.

We’re that partner. We’ll identify opportunities then work with you to develop a better budget and business plan to optimize your marketing investment.

The process will define a pragmatic/practical path to both short-term business goals and the next steps toward building a sustainable business model. Every element of your current retail process will be reviewed to identify opportunities to strengthen results from the inside out.

External opportunities include review of your current partner programs and member/staff incentives that may have expanded to reach your full member recruitment potential. A fresh approach to equipping and engaging your team and partners will be built on interviews, surveys and quantitative data.

  • Step

    Step 1
    We'll review the functionality of your website and social media efforts.
    What's working?
    What isn't?
    What can be tweaked to give you more bang for your buck?
  • Step

    Step 2
    Dig deeper.
    We'll run a full diagnostic of your processes.
    We review everything, from your retail presence to call center optimization.
    We'll provide a comprehensive report on your strengths and weakness...
    ...then we'll create a plan of action that improves your bottom line.
  • Step

    Step 3
    Your ideas, experience, expertise matter to the process and growth of our partnership.
    Meanwhile, we'll bring our knowledge and insight to the table as well.
    We'll uncover your culture and how it can be presented in the most beneficial way to members and prospects.
    We brainstorm. We challenge each other. We discover new insights together.
  • Our Results

    Our Results
    The Big Reveal.
    Brainstorming yields ideas. Ideas become concrete. Plans take shape. Focused procedures are codified.
    All in support of a strong brand message to build cohesiveness and enhance your desired outcomes.
    Good for you.
    Good for your members and prospects.

The client is always right.

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