Brand Assessment

Credit Union Brands Start From Within

Your credit union has a one-of-a-kind brand personality, based on its one-of-a-kind DNA. We’re experts at discovering it and building your brand from that foundation.

The first step: Studying your team personality and dynamic, and gathering your credit union’s story. Building the brand from within comes from understanding the corporate culture of your credit union employees, management and, in some cases, the board of directors. Everyone has something to contribute. And we’re pros at finding out exactly what that is.

Square Peg + Round Hole = Misfit Branding

Your brand has to fit your audience. But we have to make sure it’s also a natural fit for your organization’s dynamic. Your brand must be enthusiastically embraced by your team and authentically received by members and prospects alike.

Here’s How it Works

At Raoust+Partners, we recognize that your credit union is a microcosm of your community. It’s incumbent upon us to help strengthen those bonds by guiding your insiders to see what they might not have recognized, or frankly, have been unwilling to recognize. That may take some education. Some reorientation. Most of all, it will take a willingness from within the credit union to change for the betterment of the credit union.

Changing from the inside out is difficult and time-consuming. R+P fills this strenuous gap seamlessly and efficiently. It’s our job as outsiders to see what might not be visible from within the community and culture—we implement growth processes for the weaknesses, and push the strengths to the forefront. After all, practice makes perfect. And, we’ve been in practice for 22+ years.

Consistency is the Key

Brand consistency is critical to the member experience and in keeping your credit union top-of-mind. We call this “Full Contact,” and this approach includes things like:

  • Ensuring your brand personality is all over all aspects and levels of your credit union
  • Living your brand position and bringing it enthusiasm and a community voice
  • Reinforcing the brand promise with great products, convenience and technology for your members.

And “Full Contact,” in turn, cements the perception that your credit union is an established and secure environment that not only understands your member, but is always on their side.

Standing the Test of Time

A WOW experience is not just about first impressions, but also about lasting ones. We aim to keep you in the mind of your audience by pushing ourselves first. How? We meet internally to discuss what isn’t working, above and beyond the scope of work agreements and billing cycles. We solve problems and then work harder to improve those solutions. Because when you win, we win. And we’re kinda big fans of winning.

We hold ourselves accountable, and then turn that gaze outward. This transforms exceptional work into extraordinary achievements. Whether it’s in visual design or monthly email campaigns, letterheads and logos, or building materials, we don’t shoot for flash-in-the-pan. We shoot for longevity. That is the true WOW experience.