Building the Brand Foundation

Who is Your Credit Union, Really?

When asked what sets you apart, you might say, “Our member service.” Here’s the thing: Every credit union says that. The fact is, there’s so much more beneath the surface to explore—all the way down to the atomic level.

Each credit union possesses a unique DNA that imprints and informs their brand identity and positioning. Raoust+Partners continuously seeks to define that significance and value proposition to members and non-members alike. In a nutshell, we:

  1. Define your unique value proposition
  2. Detail how you create value for your members
  3. Explain why members should select you as their PFI

How do we do it?










Building the Foundation

After we identify potential opportunities on the business side, we engage our proprietary brand creation methodology called Building the Foundation to develop a comprehensive plan. Through extensive internal interviews and external research, we identify, define and clarify your culture and what makes you unique in your market.

Those things that attract members to you and keep them coming back? We find them and then shine a spotlight on them.

After completing a comprehensive assessment of your systems and processes, we work with you to build a long-term, growth-driven Strategic Business Plan.

We’ve helped credit unions across the country capitalize on their unique DNA with our Building the Foundation program. Ready to find out who your credit union is, really? We’d love to show you.