Eyes+Ears Wide Open

Video and Audio: Eyes and Ears Wide Open

Here’s a fun experiment for today: Count how many times you watch TV, check social media or listen to music.

You’ll be blown away by the number. Watching TV or videos and listening to music via streaming or the radio are a part of consumers’ everyday lives. Is your credit union breaking through?

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

…then just imagine how valuable a video can be. Our estimate: 1,798,200 words of advertising copy per 60-second video. That’s a heckuva lot of punch in a small package.

Video content is an increasingly critical component of the credit union marketing toolkit—educational, informational, brand-focused or promotional, video can convey your message in a way that provides instant value for consumers across multiple platforms.

No longer does your video content just live on network or cable TV. It can spread your message cross-channel on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, your own website and countless other digital media outlets where video content reigns supreme.

Creativity is the Standard

Here’s the thing: With so much video content occupying viewers’ attention, you can’t afford to be middle-of-the-road. Or worse, amateurish and sloppy. It takes a lot of practice and experience to produce video content that looks casual, conversational, inspirational and off-the-cuff.

Raoust+Partners has years of experience producing award-winning credit union TV and video spots. Ready to immerse your audience with can’t-look-away video content? We’d be happy to show you how.

Radio: An Untapped Gold Mine

Have you heard a great radio ad lately? Chances are you haven’t. That’s because the creative level of radio ads is notoriously low. That all changes here at Raoust+Partners.

Millions of loyal radio listeners—both on broadcast and digital streams, like Pandora—tune in every day to hear their favorite tunes. Tap into both captive audiences with memorable messaging that sticks with the listener (because if a spot isn’t compelling, you’re just wasting your budget).

Raoust+Partners has years of experience producing award-winning credit union radio/audio spots. Give us a call, our creative team is standing by.