Put Your Brand to Work

Your members arrive at one of your branches, taking in the scene around them. Friendly faces. The familiar teller counter. And those tired old posters and teller cards.

While in your credit union, members are your captive audience. So, why not wow them with a retail experience worthy of cementing a lasting impression.

Have a great APR on an auto loan or a rewards checking account that blows your competitors’ socks off? Draw your members in with eye-catching POS Creative. Want to tell your brand’s story? How about a video wall that makes your members say, “Now that’s something I have to tell my friends about.”

From blowout budgets to shoestring ones, the possibilities are endless when the creative team of Raoust+Partners is at the helm.

Busting the Myth

We’ve heard it all before. “Branches are obsolete,” they say. “Brick and mortar locations are dead and gone,” they cry.

For the credit unions we’ve worked with across the country, this simply isn’t the case.

Branches aren’t necessarily becoming increasingly obsolete, but they are escalating into vast, empty voids of sameness. So much untapped potential is being squandered.

Turn your merchandising into the star of the show. Whether a member catches sight of a ceiling-to-floor mural or is captivated by a wall of dynamic animated messaging, every piece of your merchandising contains hidden power. Let’s unleash it, together.