Strategic Planning

Where Is Your Credit Union Heading?

Raoust+Partners specializes in helping credit unions achieve their missions.

That’s the sum of everything we do.

The process can take many forms, but each project begins the same way: with a thoughtfully written Strategic Plan. From there, every decision and tactic is crafted and implemented to support your mission.

You may already have a Strategic Plan in place. Or maybe you’re about to develop one for the coming year.

Add us to the mix. For more than 20 years, Raoust+Partners has helped credit unions develop and fulfill Strategic Plans and creative approaches to communication. We look at your business through a holistic lens, recommending pragmatic strategies and tactics that make sense, and are meaningful today and in the future.

What We Offer

Our team can help you grow your business in whatever ways you need. Here are some of the tools we use.


The follow-up step for every Strategic Plan is a consistent Communications Plan of Action—one that maps out how each communication channel will be used. There are times and places to sell and times and places not to. Some communications educate. Others inspire or clarify. Our aim is to reduce communication clutter and deliver messages that offer value and meaning to each audience every time. Because, if your messages are being tuned out, they’re not helping fulfill your mission.Once the Communication Plan is in place, we can implement it with creative and engaging messages delivered across all channels to build —or refine — your distinctive brand personality.

Pragmatic Business Strategies

A strong brand is built from the inside out.That’s why we start by identifying the unique DNA of your organization. We look at what you’re doing that works. And what doesn’t. And who you say you are, and who you want to be.

Just because you promise to deliver a certain brand, you may not be achieving exactly what you intend. The strategic and business planning processes examine what you want to say and do and what you are saying and doing. What’s a member’s branch experience? How about contact with your call center? We perform a thorough diagnosis, then recommend tactics that reaffirm your strengths, and align your promise with your delivery.

Once your Strategic Plan is up and running, we’ll help monitor its success through an annual state-of-the-credit-union review. To make sure you’re achieving your mission, we evaluate your practices, look for opportunities to innovate, and build on your strengths.

Team Development

Your credit union is only as strong as the strength of your team. Let us help you support your board, leaders, and staff with empowering tools and inspiring events that lead to a durable, sustainable business.

We facilitate first-of-the-year kickoff meetings, as well as mid-year rallies that are informative and inspiring.

We’ll conduct workshops for all levels in your organization, as well as other team-building events and exercises throughout the year. Our approach is collaborative, designed to build consensus, optimize staff, and do whatever it takes to engage and satisfy members.

The Wisdom Behind Our Words

When you work with Raoust+Partners, you benefit from the experience and commitment of our entire staff. And the dedicated attention of our senior executives—professionals who offer both credit union management expertise with extensive creative brand development.

To Find Answers, Ask Questions

The best way we can help you grow is to learn about your hopes and challenges. So, share your mission with us. Get in touch with us. Whatever your need, we have ideas and tools that can help.