The Echo Projec

Meet Your Credit Union’s Smartest Insider: Your Members

Issues arise. Challenges present themselves. And problems rear their ugly heads. It’s the way of the credit union world. But if your issues, challenges and problems aren’t tackled head on, they can rapidly snowball and permanently damage your members’ experience, your brand and your bottom line.

When you begin the process of problem resolution, are you really listening to what your members are saying, or are you just hearing what you want (or expect) to hear? Have you actually walked in members’ shoes, or only taken a stroll through your own assumptions?

Success in this oh-so-critical arena requires an industry-tested system engineered to jolt your credit union’s processes, sales and service goals into the next level.

Now, Meet The Echo Project®

Through The Echo Project®, Raoust+Partners will help you build:

Productive member feedback loops that produce qualitative, actionable data
Strong, sustained messaging strategies
Process improvements
Training programs
Additional timely strategies shaped by your business plan


Don’t confuse The Echo Project® with other types of member surveys or studies because here is what it is NOT:

Do Not Satisfaction Study
Do Not Net Promoter
Do Not Annual Tracking Study
Do Not Industry Tracking Study
Do Not Direct Response or Take One


The Echo Project® is specifically designed to implement solutions within all facets of a credit union. Here are just a few examples of how The Echo Project® can be deployed:

  • Unused credit card lines of credit–discover why they’re not being used and how to course-correct
  • Branch performance–find out why branches are under- or over-performing and set under-performing branches on the road to success
  • Approved but unfunded loans–uncover why they’re getting approved yet not funded, and kick-start an action plan to improve the ratio
  • Low checking account penetration–get to the root of the problem, then turn the numbers on their heads

We believe in simplicity.

That’s why The Echo Project® involves just four steps:

  1. Build
    • Starting with a discovery meeting through independent research based on our decades of credit union experience, we build a plan to reach your goals.
  2. Deploy
    • This is the exciting part: The plan is deployed, utilizing a results-driven survey system and Response Stimulator.
  3. Analyze & Report
    • We magnify the nooks and crannies of our results in search of the most telling data, which we then qualify for you into a strong, easy-to-follow Action Plan.
  4. Follow Up
    • It ain’t over ’til the fat data sings: We continue analyzing results and updating as long as the member feedback loop remains open.

We’ve helped turn member feedback into sales and service business plans for credit unions just like yours across the nation. Get in touch and see what The Echo Project® can change for you.

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The Echo Project

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