Social Media

Results-Driven Social Media Marketing for a Credit Union?

78% of Americans have a social media profile. Crazy, right? What’s even crazier is the percentage of credit unions not properly utilizing this culture-shifting technology.

Common question: “How often should we post per week?”
The right question: “What do we want to achieve?”

Our social media strategies are built on the pillars of analytics and creativity. Whether you’re looking for employee training, a completely hands-off approach or anything in between, Raoust+Partners has the expert, custom-designed social media strategy for your credit union.

Here are a few of the many social media marketing services we offer:

  • Consulting – learn the tips and tricks of today’s most popular social marketing platforms
  • Content Calendars – get the most out of every post with a data-driven content strategy using your brand voice and messaging
  • Advertising – get in front of both current and potential members with eye-catching creative and objective-based optimization
  • Custom Audiences – website retargeting, lookalike audiences from email lists and much more
  • Analytics and Analysis – an in-depth look at what’s working, what’s not and a strategy moving forward

Vanity, Shmanity—You Need Usable Data

Vanity metrics are for the birds (not the Twitter kind). We’re talking the good stuff. The relevant metrics that take you from thinking social media is a marketing wasteland to recognizing its wealth of potential. CTR. Cost per conversion. Brand recall. And the analysis to help you understand the what’s, the why’s and the where are we going next’s.

The whole kit and ROI caboodle.

Integration Sensation

Looking to inject a campaign into the social biosphere? We take print and digital campaigns and optimize them for the proper social media arenas.

Are you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter? Do you need to be on every new platform that comes out? How will you fit social media into your already hectic schedule?

Here’s the truth: You don’t need to be everywhere. Part of our strategy is gaining a deep understanding of your audience and then narrowing down the top performing platforms for your credit union. We’re frugal with our choices so we can be where it matters most for your members.

Pay to Play

Organic reach (non-paid) for brands has been nearly defunct for years—hence the term “pay to play.” With a social advertising budget, your messages will be seen by who you want, when you want.

Email lists come in handy for targeting current members, and creating lookalike audiences to reach non-members. Along the entire sales funnel, there are opportunities to leverage paid social media for your credit union.

“Same Old, Same Old” Doesn’t Fly Around Here

If you’re ready for results from creative, engaging social media marketing, give us a call. We’d be happy to review your current strategy and discuss the next moves you can make to take your credit union’s social marketing to a whole new dimension of effectiveness.