What sets Raoust+Partners apart from other branding/marketing firms working in the credit union space?

While we could go on for hours, self-promotion is not our strong suit.

Actually, a former client has best summarized how we work. Juli Anne Callis Lawrence is a well-known credit union veteran. We’ve worked with her for nearly 30 years—when she was VP of Marketing at Langley FCU, then when she moved to Keypoint CU as COO, and finally, when she was CEO at National Institutes of Health FCU:

She says quite succinctly: “What sets Raoust apart? You make it easy. You make it great. You get it done.”

Juli Anne is such a fan that she now works for Raoust+Partners as our Chief Strategic Officer. Now, that’s a testimonial.

Here’s what a few clients have to say.