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Want better marketing results? Start with smarter marketing.

For over twenty-five years, Raoust+Partners has planned, negotiated, managed, optimized and provided key insights for credit union marketing campaigns. It also helps that we're ranked one of the top digital marketing companies in Virginia.
If you're looking to develop groundbreaking digital and creative strategies, to next-gen social media advertising with award-winning execution, our marketing centers around two ideas: bringing your credit union’s story to life and increasing your market share.

Knowledge is power

Our extensive expertise across every loan and deposit product is untouched in credit union marketing—and so is our expectations of how their ROI should perform. When building a campaign, we look at a client’s KPI(s), their target audience segments, the ROI we’ve experienced with other client campaigns promoting the same product, and then we apply the optimal strategy within available budget. Knowing what to expect for front-end (click-through rate) and back-end (Google Analytics) performance, we stay two steps ahead when optimizing ads to get the most of every dollar. We walk the walk, day in and day out.
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Experience. Experience. Experience.

Media Planning: Only the best partners will do

We’ve spent over a decade identifying and forging relationships with the best media buying partners across virtually every digital, video and social chennel. When we develop a campaign, we request proposals from multiple partners and select the best options based on our clients’ metrics for success. Our relationships assure that our clients’ campaign impressions are served on the highest quality inventory available, always above the fold.

Targeting: A bullseye approach

Any campaign manager can assign geographic and demographic targeting criteria. Our depth of experience and knowledge allows us to assign multi-layered behavioral targeting for the highest-propensity prospects. No matter who you’re trying to reach, we can get your message in front of them. It’s like magic (but without the wand).

Creative Strategy: The "whoa" factor

Raoust+Partners has been branding, rebranding and providing strategic marketing for credit unions for 25 years. We know how to capture attention with on-brand, story-driven creative and drive clicks to simple, yet extraordinary landing pages. Once prospects arrive, we’ve already primed them for conversion.

Optimization: Taking your message further

Artificial Intelligence deploys deep learning algorithms so that, with proactive adjustments, campaign performance improves week over week. We further isolate underperforming ad units, introduce additional creative for A/B testing, reallocate budgets and many other techniques to ensure the strongest campaign performance possible.

Reporting the whole story

Numbers are only part of the story. We paint a clear picture of your campaign performance by interpreting statistics and sharing the meaning behind them. By comparing values to market trends, garnering behavioral insights and so much more, we incorporate key observations your credit union can use to re-examine product offers, online app partners, underwriting and/or internal loan processing procedures and more. And, we’ve been instrumental in effecting procedural updates, new product offerings and even transitions to more efficient online app providers for our clients. When you have the years of credit union campaign experience Raoust+Partners has, data collection takes on a completely different purpose—and outcome—for our clients.
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Ready for a smarter marketing strategy?

Our team can hit the ground running with our agile development and deployment of creative, innovative media strategies and downright friendly faces. If you’re ready to see real results from your credit union’s marketing, now’s your chance. We’re only an email or call away.
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